來源:http://tjanamera.com/ 日期:2019-11-06 發布人:admin   水洗標是服裝、鞋包以及紡織品等參數的一種標識。水洗標,故名思義,要耐洗,長時間洗濯能不掉色,字跡完好明晰。
  Washing mark is a kind of mark of clothing, shoes, bags and textiles. The water washing mark, hence the name of Siyi, should be resistant to washing, wash for a long time without fading, and the handwriting is intact and clear.
  What should be on the washing label?
  According to the national standard, there are only three items to be displayed on the durability label:
  1 specification and model; 2 composition and content of raw materials; 3 washing and maintenance methods;
  These three important parameters must be included in each product. If it is a set of products, the single product must also be clearly marked with these important contents. Other 8 items of the national standard rules are marked. It is strongly suggested that they should be marked on the tag instead of the water washing tag. The reason is that the less the content of the water washing standard is, the less the probability of making mistakes. The cost of the water washing standard error correction is also relatively high. Relatively speaking, the error correction on the tag is easier.
  How to mark the contents on the water washing label?
  Specification type
  There's nothing to say. It mainly refers to the size of the goods. It's better to mark the size clearly. For example, home textile products are generally in cm, marked with 200x230cm and other words. Some businesses, in order to save money, make multiple specifications and sizes on a water wash label, and then tick in front of the size when packing, strongly do not propose to do so. One of the main reasons is that it's not beautiful enough, and the big end pen or ball point pen is also dirty. The other reason is that it's easy to tick incorrectly or miss, and it's easy to make mistakes.
  Ingredients and content of raw materials
  Fiber content part is the most error prone center of water washing standard, component content error, directly unqualified products. Don't mark the scientific names of fibers wrongly. Some fibers have many common names, such as Tencel, mindale, flannel, kapok, soybean fiber, etc., which are also used in the industry. After a long time, they are easily mistaken as scientific names. In fact, these fibers have their own scientific names, such as Tencel fiber, flannel fiber, polyester fiber. The content of fiber can't be labeled wrong, 100% is 100%, below 99.5% can't be labeled 100%, above 99.5% can be labeled 100% with trace other fibers. The fiber content deviation of composite components should not exceed 5%, and the composite filling content deviation should not exceed 10%. There are two ways to control the fiber content: one is to provide the fiber composition test report of the fabric by the supplier, and the other is to actively test the fabric before consumption.
  Washing and care
  Washing care method is what we often call the washing symbol part. This is the washing and maintenance guide method given by the merchant to the customer. We must pay special attention to it. There are two functions, one is to guide customers to wash properly, the other is to avoid certain after-sales complaints. When making washing symbols, businesses must formulate washing methods according to the materials of products, so as to ensure that the products will not have problems in maintenance within the scope of this method. Generally, it includes two parts: washing symbols and maintenance methods.
  There are 5 washing symbols in total, with severity in order from left to right: washing, bleaching, boring, ironing, professional care.
  水洗,普通只要 30~40°C常溫水洗,不可水洗,手洗,三個根本選擇,根據產品而定,棉類產品可常溫水洗,芯類產品或者真絲產品不可水洗,天絲莫代爾等容易起球的產品采用緩和洗濯或者手洗;
  Water washing, generally as long as 30 ~ 40 ° C normal temperature water washing, no water washing, hand washing, three basic options, depending on the product, cotton products can be normal temperature water washing, core products or silk products can not be water washing, tence modal and other products easy to pilling use gentle washing or hand washing;
  Bleaching, home textile products are mostly printing and dyeing products, so must not be bleached;
  Dry, dry way is generally suitable to choose dry rotating cage, hanging and drying, hanging in the shade, spreading and drying;
  Iron, iron to pay attention to the temperature of the iron floor, low-temperature iron, iron floor temperature does not exceed 110 ~ 150 ° C, local products can choose not to iron.
  Professional nursing, mainly refers to professional dry cleaning, compared with the delicate products that are not suitable for washing, can properly choose professional nursing methods.
  Where the water wash symbol is prone to error:
  Choose the wrong washing method, for example, Tiansi proposes to use the rotating cage to dry, resulting in customer complaints due to fuzzing and pilling;
  For the sake of after-sale exemption, some businesses will mark some special precautions on the label of water washing, such as storage, airing, not long-term immersion, etc.
  Water washing mark is controlled by consumption, while the hang tag is controlled by packaging, the information flow is not synchronized, the management is disordered, the staff is careless and so on. Once there is an error, the result is rework, and often this kind of error is found when it flows to the customer terminal. Even if it does not flow to the customer terminal, it is basically the packaging waste.
  Unpacking - changing standards - repacking, affecting delivery time, cost and, most importantly, morale.
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